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Contractor Spotlight: Kenneth Homes Design Build Inc.

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About Kenneth Homes Design Build Inc.  Kenneth Homes Design Build Inc. is a family owned and operated builder of new homes and home renovations. Servicing the GTA, including Halton & Hamilton with a family legacy in the construction industry for over half a century. Brian started working for Streetsville Construction, a family owned company that was established in 1957. In 2008 he opened Kenne ...[Read More]

Contractor Spotlight: Duane Erb Construction

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CONTRACTOR SPOTLIGHT: Duane Erb Construction A renovation can be a trying time for both a homeowner and a contractor.  Everyone involved has a stake in the success of the final project.  Given the exposure put on under-performing contractors in the media, renovators and contractors alike already have an uphill battle when trying to forge a relationship with a new client.  Contractors who use RENOM ...[Read More]

Recipe for a Renovator

Recipe for a Renovator

Have you ever wondered “how does my mom make those cookies taste so good every time?” It’s no secret to bakers, there was a recipe and it was followed to a T, ensuring every cup of flour or tablespoon of baking soda was exact. Renovations are no different but we are humans and we tend to forget every now and then so having a recipe helps ensure the end result is what we want, quality work and a sa ...[Read More]

Planning Your Dream Renovation

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Planning a renovation is pretty tough, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Your space has requirements that it must be suited for, code requirements it needs to meet, and if you ever think about selling your house in the future you will need this information. Planning isn’t easy but it is one of the most important parts of your renovation process. Check out this great renov ...[Read More]

DIY Painting Tips, Tricks, and a Step-By-Step Guide

Open Soy Paint Can by United Soy Bean Board, Licensed under CC

When I was in high school I used to work summers as an occasional painter for a contractor I knew. Sometimes we would go to houses after renters had left and have an entire house to paint in just a week or two. Needless to say as I read down this list of tips by Nicole, from, I was extremely impressed. It is the most thorough and practical list of painting tips and tricks I have ...[Read More]

11 Questions to Ask when Buying a Home

11 Questions to Ask when Buying a Home

It’s easy to get excited when thinking about buying a new home, but there are a lot of kinks that will need to be ironed out in your plan before you even start looking. We found this great article with a list of all the things you need to know to get yourself started. 11 Questions To Ask Before You Buy A Home If you’re thinking about buying and are unsure where to start this list is de ...[Read More]

Cinderella Story

Sparkly Pool Texture By Mary Vican, Licensed under CC,

Hi everyone, One of my favourite things about renovations are the before and after pictures. I came across the 65 Wow-Worthy Before and After Makeovers on Country This was one of my favourites. Check it out, here! Cover Image: Sparkly Pool Texture By Mary Vican, Licensed under CC, View Image

Warning! Top 3 Summer Scams

Warning! Top 3 Summer Scams

Hi everyone, I found this piece on the top three summer scams and I just had to share it. We all love summer but it’s good to be prepared. This short video is definitely worth a watch! Check it out, here!

Be realistic with your Renovation

Planning by Nomadic Lass, Licensed under CC

Creating a budget for your renovation seems like a simple task but don’t underestimate how quickly it can spiral out of control once the renovation begins. Staying within your budget takes a lot of self-control and often a little compromise. Nothing looks in your way at the start of the renovation. You are excited and ready for your contractor to get moving. Don’t worry you are not alone – T ...[Read More]