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Recipe for a Renovator

Recipe for a Renovator
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Have you ever wondered “how does my mom make those cookies taste so good every time?” It’s no secret to bakers, there was a recipe and it was followed to a T, ensuring every cup of flour or tablespoon of baking soda was exact.

Renovations are no different but we are humans and we tend to forget every now and then so having a recipe helps ensure the end result is what we want, quality work and a satisfied customer.

So why are renovations known to be a recipe for disaster? Unfortunately homeowners only participate in one to two renovations in their life so they need you to clear and concise on each ingredient that is needed.

Décor Mentor released a list of the 12 great qualities of Great Contractors or any trades for that matter. And we think it is a winning recipe!

What you will need:

    • Quality Workmanship
    • Communication
    • Understanding
    • Organization
    • Trust
    • Respect
    • Problem Solving


1.  Great communication-make sure its verbal and written with detail (or nicely stored within your RENOMii account)

2.  Now that the job is communicated have a good understanding your client.

3.  Now that you have communication and understanding going, take quick check to make sure you are organized both on site and in the office.

4.  Don’t cross boundaries and don’t make a mess!   Respect for homeowners space they give you to work

5.  Keep promises and finish on time, add that to trust and you’re golden.

6.  Challenges always come up, be ready to tackle these obstacles with problem solving.

7.  You’re Done! Serve the customer and expect them to share – What completes this recipe is customer service, great customer service leads to referrals for your business.

8.  All the above ingredients are necessary and make the difference between a good renovator and a great renovator. There’s no secret ingredient here – these are it!

It’s important to remember that it is a balancing act so make sure you give each “ingredient” the attention it needs.

Your best referral is a happy customer!

Author: Adrian Deosaran