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Contractor Spotlight – Little Star Renovations

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Little Star Renovations 

A renovation can be a trying time for both a homeowner and a contractor.  Everyone involved has a stake in the success of the final project.  Given the exposure put on under-performing contractors in the media, renovators and contractors alike already have an uphill battle when trying to forge a relationship with a new client.  Contractors who use RENOMii to communicate change orders to their homeowners have an easier time overcoming those negative perceptions through the interactive transparency our app provides.  We spoke with RENOMii user Jobie Mallet, owner of Little Star Renovations and asked him a few questions about his experiences in the renovation industry and what he loves about being a contractor. Here is what he had to say:

What does the start of your day look like?

“Well having a toddler means it looks very early. Freshly ground coffee is indispensable.”

What attracted you to being a contractor?

“Having worked in the industry for decades I could see that there was room for improvement so by striking out on my own I was able to implement my values. However the most attractive part of this process is building the brand and making it into something that will last”. 

What is your favourite thing about being a contractor?

“Obviously satisfied customers and a job well done is up there but also providing a more personal service and relationship with the client, also bringing their vision into being is tremendously satisfying.” 

What is your favourite type of renovation to complete and why?

“When the client to willing to push the envelope and take design risks. It’s doesn’t matter what the renovation is, innovation is a very exciting thing to be a part of”. 

 Is there a renovation story that sticks out in your mind that you would share with us?  

“There are many renos that stick out in my mind for many different reasons .. Some have pushed us all to our limits and I like those because I feel proud looking back that we survived the storm with dignity and values held high.

Others projects I enjoyed for more creative reasons.

To be honest my home has been the most challenging creativity wise and I love how I’ve felt stretched there.
The job itself I find is the easy part .. It’s keeping and sustaining a good vibe with the client throughout the job that is the challenge.

What advice would you give homeowners to help their renovation go as smooth as possible?

“Trust that we know what we are doing and we work to a high standard. Also to expect the unexpected, in order to deliver a good service we leave no stone unturned, sometimes that can be frustrating for the client but a job well done will stand the test of time.”

 If you weren’t doing renovations, what would you be doing?

“I would be doing something as equally creative. No matter what the area is it’s creativity that really makes me tick.”

Here is a peak at some of the beautiful work Little Star Renovations are proud of.

Don’t forget to check out there website to learn more about this great renovator.



  • Contractor Spotlight – Little Star Renovations
  • Contractor Spotlight – Little Star Renovations
  • Contractor Spotlight – Little Star Renovations
  • Contractor Spotlight – Little Star Renovations
  • Contractor Spotlight – Little Star Renovations
  • Contractor Spotlight – Little Star Renovations