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How it Works


  • Clearly identifies changes with binding change orders
  • Quickly presents changes to client
  • Confirms alignment on change orders
  • Tracks approvals
  • Stores communication
  • Provides project status updates
  • Allows for file access to project files
  • Produces project reports so you don’t have to

The Details

Approval Tracking

Once a project is created in RENOMii the other party involved is asked to confirm the projects details ensuring that both parties are on the same page from the beginning of the project.

RENOMii’s approval tracking feature eliminates the need for email, phone or text messages. There is no need to search for that particular email or remember that off hand conversation. All decisions and change approvals are stored securely within your RENOMii account.

With every approval securely stored with RENOMii, there will be no more accidentally deleting an email or having to organize approvals per project.  The RENOMii system does this all this for you.

Let RENOMii do the organizing for you!

Change Requests

Any time after a project is added to your RENOMii account, the homeowner may create change requests. Again, you the contractor will receive notification via email to review change request.

Change requests contain a description, a budget and attachments if necessary. Contractors can request more information, decline it or flip that into a change order for review.

Change Orders

Any time after a project is added to your RENOMii account, change orders may be created. Again, the other party will receive notification via email to review change order.

Change orders may contain change description, cost, including new project total, possible project delays and attachments if necessary. Homeowners can approve, decline or ask questions about the specific change order.

Change orders are stored within the project, so there’s no need to organize. The current contract price is always updated when change orders are approved.

No matter what the status: draft, pending, or approved – change orders are all securely stored with RENOMii for safe and easy access later.


Our messaging system stores comments made by homeowners and contractors. This feature allows all communication for the project to be filed and stored for you. No more searching for the text messages, emails or phone calls records.

Contractor Notes

Within each project you as the contractor may make notes that only you can view and create. The homeowner will not have access to these notes. All company users on your account will have access to view these notes.

Project File Access

Whether a contractor or homeowner uploaded a file or photo, you will have full access even after the project is completed. This allows both parties to review files as a reminder when necessary.

This also means easy access to documents, pictures, and files no matter where you are. This secure, on the go file access system allows you to work more efficiently and ensure there are no surprises in the end.

Customer Reviews

We know how hard to can be to collect and use customer reviews. Upon project completion your customers are requested to complete a review. All reviews are accessible to you.

Company Users & Permissions

Within your account you can add unlimited company users to your account. Users are given a permission setting when they are set-up. This will limit what they are able to view and create within each project.

Common Questions

Do My Customers have to buy RENOMii too?

No. Your plan automatically includes your customers and even provides them with full support.

Will it work on mine & my customers phones & computers?

Almost certainly. Because it runs in your internet browser it works with all the different phone, tablet & computer platforms – iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Mac, Windows.

Can I upgrade to the unlimited subscription if I need to?

Of course, but this must happen only after your first Pay-As-You-Go purchase. Just let us know and we’ll move you up immediately. You’ll only pay the difference for upgrading.

Is there anything to download or install?

No. RENOMii is an advanced web app that runs in your internet browser with the look and feel of a regular phone app. With nothing to download and install it’s completely safe and super simple to access and use, even if the person using it isn’t tech savvy.

Are there any costs for support?

No. Your plan covers full phone, email & live chat support for you and your customers.

If I purchase a year but need to cancel before it’s up, can I receive a refund?

Absolutely. If you’re within 30 days of starting you’ll get a full refund. Please check out our performance guarantee to see additional coverage.