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Getting Started

Will I need to download an application to use RENOMii?

No download required! All you need is an up-to-date version of an internet browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer or Safari.

If you are running RENOMii from a mobile device you may need to install an internet browser application, however most devices come with them pre-installed.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use RENOMii?

Yes, you do need to be connected to the internet to use the RENOMii web application. RENOMii runs through an internet browser which means that in order to use it, you must be on a computer that is connected to the internet by ethernet cable or wifi or you must be using a mobile device that has data turned on or has a wifi internet connection.

Is RENOMii available on Blackberry, IOS, Android and Windows platforms?

RENOMii currently runs as a Web Application, this means that it is available on any device that has an up-to-date internet browser. Your smart phones and tablet devices will be able to run RENOMii as long as they have a web browsing application.

Will I be able to access the same information about all of my projects and change orders from my mobile device and my computer?

Yes, all of your projects, change orders and client details come with you everywhere you go. You can create draft projects and change orders from the job site and fill in all the details when you get back to the office or have more time.

Will RENOMii use up all of my mobile phone data?

RENOMii will use some data, how much it will use depends on your usage of RENOMii, uploads and your mobile phone plan.

How will my customers access RENOMii?

When you create a project on RENOMii you will be asked to select an existing customer or add a new customer at which point you will need to provide First Name, Last Name, Email address and Mailing address. Your customer will receive an invitational email to your project with RENOMii. If you have invited a customer to use RENOMii before, then you will not have to provide this information again, their name will appear on your existing customer list.


How does RENOMii track approvals?

When you create a project or change order in the RENOMii system, your customer will receive an email notification. When your client accepts or declines the project or change order it will be labeled as such. You will always be able to see it even after you complete the project, and if any changes are made to the details the client will be prompted to accept again.

What information can I include in my project?

We provide spaces for a Name, ID, Description, Date Contract Signed, Initial Contract Price, Project Street Address and Files.

What kind of files can I attach to my projects?

The RENOMii system accepts .doc, .pdf, .jpg, and .png as long as they do not exceed your plan storage limits.

Who can mark projects and change orders as approved?

Projects and change orders can only be approved by your customer. If you edit a project or change order after approval they will lose their approved status and the customer will be notified that they need to re-confirm the project details.

Change Orders

What is a "Change Order"?

When you’re working with a customer and you have given them a quote, at some point in most renovations they will ask if you can do something differently, maybe they decide they want hardwood instead of carpet. At this point you would use RENOMii to create a change order, detailing that they have chosen to switch their flooring, the change order form allows you to describe the work in detail, including any timeline delays, price changes and even a response deadline for your client. When your client has approved the change order the project total will automatically be modified to accommodate the new price.


What does the free trial include?

The RENOMii free trial allows you to full access for the life of one project. Once the project is complete you will need to upgrade your account to add additional projects.

Do all plans come with the same support features?

Yes, you have access to email support, tutorials, telephone and live chat support on our website.

Can I give my employees access to my account?

Currently we do not have multiple access in one account. We are currently working on adding this feature. In the meantime, if you feel comfortable, you can provide your login details at your discretion.


Will my projects, changes and clients be visible to other contractors and clients?

No, your profile is private and only accessible to you. Your clients are not even given access to your contractor profile. Please review our privacy policy for further details.

Will my client's information be kept private?

Their profile contains limited information which your client provides, this information is not made publicly available.  Please review our privacy policy for further details.

Will my profile be public?

No, your profile cannot be viewed by other contractors using RENOMii. Please review our privacy policy for further details.

Will my customers also have access to support services?

We want using RENOMii to be as easy for your customers as it is for you. If they need support with the RENOMii service they just need to click support in their RENOMii account.

What features are included in the support services?

At RENOMii we want to make sure that all your questions get answered, so we offer a variety of support services including the live chat on our website, you can contact us via our toll free phone number and we also have email support services.

How do I request support?

The quickest way to request support is through email at where you can connect to a support specialist and we’ll get back to you right away.


Do my customers have to buy RENOMii too?

No, your customers do not have to buy RENOMii. When you start a project you simply enter their email address to invite them to use RENOMii with you.

When do I start paying for RENOMii?

We believe it only takes one project to see the benefits to your business. Upon the creation of your second project you will need to add payment details at which point you can pay up front for the whole year or you can pay montly.

Do you have a Refund Policy?

RENOMii offers a 30 day money back guarantee, if you choose to cancel your subscription within the first 30 days of payment you will receive a full refund.

How do I request a refund?

If you cancel within the first 30 days RENOMii will automatically refund you, no questions asked.

Will my customers ever be charged any fees?

When using RENOMii your customer is attached to your account. They will not be billed for the usage of RENOMii.

Will I be charged additional fees for customer support?

RENOMii includes support for both you and your clients in all plans.

Which credit card providers do you accept payments from?

We accept payments from Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Do you accept PayPal?

No, we do not currently accept payments from PayPal.