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After the Renovation: Through the Eyes of the Homeowner

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Have you ever wondered: “What are other homeowners experiencing when they renovate?” or “How did they ensure the final product was what they wanted?” This week we reached out to Mr. & Mrs. Adams, homeowners of a 1980’s back-split located in Kitchener, Ontario. They renovated their bathroom in 2011 and we wanted to know how the renovation went and how they feel about it now, almost three years later.

We sat down with Mr. & Mrs. Adams and I wasn’t surprised to hear that they still had strong emotions about how it went. Even three years later, they remember exactly how they felt and what they didn’t feel comfortable with. As we always say – homeowners have a lot of emotion involved when it comes to making changes in their home, after all home is where the heart is.


What did you renovate in your home?
Our second bathroom on the lower level of our home. It is a three piece bathroom with a stand up shower that was outdated and needed to be updated to fit our needs.
How many years had it been since you updated the bathroom prior to the renovation? 
25 Years.
Did you have a clear idea of what you wanted?
Yes, we did quite a bit of research.
Did you ask friends or family about their experience or references?
Yes – we got feedback from everyone on their experience, including the contractors they used.
How long did it take to select your contractor and why did you choose the contractor you did?
It took us about 3 months to select him. We choose the contractor based on his timeline and he was referred to us through a family member.
How would you describe your experience or feelings during your renovation? 
We felt at times that our needs were not being met. We felt we were sometimes in the dark with regards specifically to changes and or what was going to be taking place next. On one occasion we came home to find that the shower floor had been tiled with two different colour lots. If we had not brought this to the attention of the contractor we felt it would have remained that way.
Was there anything your contractor did that you wish he did differently?

More communication. We had to continually email the contractor and then there was always a delay in him responding – We had to rearrange our schedules in order to communicate with the contractor face to face.

How do you feel about your renovation now that you have lived with it for a couple years?
Overall we were pleased with the results. On the other hand, in hind sight there were 3 things that we wish would have been discussed and in the end done differently.
What advise would you give a friend today, if they told you they were renovating?  
We would advise them to ask for references and nail down with the contractor their expectations when it comes to communication!