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Contractors: Are Renovation Changes Driving You Crazy?

RENOMii is the Solution for You!

Our simple and easy to use web based solution focuses on simplifying the renovation change order process by streaming and storing all communication and approvals in one central place.
Save Time.  Get Paid Faster.  Reduce Stress.  Increase Referrals.
  • Home "As a contractor it is extremely important I communicate with my customers. RENOMii allows me to do that quickly and easily while managing change and keeping my customers up to date, which they love"
    -Jason Denomme, Denomme Construction
  • Home

    "Littlestar is loving it"

    - Jobie Mallet, Littlestar Renovations

  • Home "RENOMii is really simple to use. I get my customer approvals quickly and in real time." - Alan Heron, Alan Heron Homes

Watch our 1 minute video to see how RENOMii will change your business.

Our Features

RENOMii was specially crafted NOT to be feature heavy. We carefully selected our features to make your life easier.
Approval Tracking

 Never search for approved changes again when all projects approvals are securely stored within RENOMii.

Change Order Management

Say goodbye to miscommunication about what cost or product selection was agreed upon.


It turns out communication change order problems often cost you money or a customer’s goodwill.

Project File Access

Get on-site, at-your-fingertips access to project photos & plans, original quotes & contracts.

Access RENOMii on any device.

RENOMii was designed to be mobile friendly allowing you to work from any device. RENOMii is also housed in the cloud…what does that mean? No matter what device you login with, all your data will be accessible.



Approval Tracking

Making changes while working on a renovation can be a costly, slow, and messy business.  RENOMii eliminates much of the communication barrier between contractors and homeowners with its approval tracking feature.

Instant Change Orders

No more forgetting what your customer asked for.  Create change orders on the spot with all the details. Dont know the cost? No problem!  Our change orders allow you to take down the details now and save them for later.



No more miscommunication

Stop losing money due to communication problems. RENOMii’s change order and approval tracking features eliminate the communication barrier when it comes to contract changes.  Every step along the way is documented and clearly displayed for both parties.

File Access on the go

Projects and change orders allow you to attach relevant files, which are documented as part of the approval tracking process. Each attached file is saved in the project and/or change order, and can be accessed at any time, by any device through your RENOMii account.


We Are Serious About Security

We keep your information locked up tighter than Mr. RENOMii. We ensure your account is secure, backed up and always accessible to you!
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